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Three (3) day workshop

The Institute of Project Management has mapped the knowledge required to be admitted as a Certified Project Master (CPM) to the service skills and experience of sworn US military personnel.

In doing so, the Institute recognizes the applied project management competence that members of the armed forces accrue at various stages of their career.

Therefore, eligible candidates who successfully complete our three-day, face-to-face advanced recognition and certification (ARC) program will automatically graduate with a certification that aligns with with their rank.


In order to be directly admitted to the Institute of Project Management as a Certified Project Professional (CPP), ARC candidates must have attained the rank of E6/O3 (USA/USMC) or E5/O3 (USAF/USN/USCG) or equivalent.

In order to be directly admitted to the Institute of Project Management as a Certified Project Master (CPM), ARC candidates must have attained the rank of E8/O4 (USA/USMC) or E7/O4 (USAF/USN/USCG) or equivalent.

Persons who have not (yet) attained eligible rank should complete the Certified Project Officer (CPO) program.


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Your Facilitators

Each ARC program is a highly interactive, networked learning experience led by an expert qualified veteran who has successfully transitioned to the management of complex civilian projects.

Scott Kinder, CPD

Special Programs Manager
Institute of Project Management

Otis McGregor, CPM

Certified Project Trainer
Institute of Project Management

About Certification

Make your mark as a 21st century project leader, problem solver and innovator by certifying your knowledge and skills to align with industry demand. Admission to the Institute of Project Management via certification will open you to a world of opportunity, taking you beyond the technical limits of your profession.

The Institute's certification marks and post-nominals are accredited to explicitly defined international standards that we are regularly audited against. Our secure, online certification process further prevent the fraudulent passing off of candidate awards.

Institute of Project Management

Certified Project Professional

A Certified Project Professional (CPP) applies contemporary project management tools, techniques and methods to the unique context of each project they undertake.

They identify and respond proactively to project risks, opportunities and issues, keeping stakeholders fully informed throughout.

Institute of Project Management

Certified Project Master

A Certified Project Master (CPM) is a project leader and innovator.

They have been independently assessed against a broad range of project management competencies, and can apply a suite of specialised technical and managerial skills to initiate, plan, execute and evaluate their own project work and the work of others.

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ARC program pricing is fully inclusive of certification assessment and award.
It is only open to active-duty US defence personnel and veterans as per the eligibility requirements (above).
Please present your military ID or DD214 prior to commencing the course.


    Advanced Recognition & Certification

    $ 1,750
    8-10 Mar 2018

    Exclusive to US service personnel and veterans
    • Registration includes:
    • Course compendium
    • Workbook with presentation slides
    • Lifetime IPM Open access
    • Digital certification
    • Numbers strictly limited

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